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100% Occupied. 1% Work. Above Market Rents. Meet Vybe.

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Meet San Franciso’s Best Kept Landlord Secret

Always Rent at Market Rates

Our average tenant vacates once a year. We’ve also perfected finding and matching housemates quickly.

The result: Increase your rents to market rates every year with near-zero vacancy, resulting in 50% higher rental income over 10 years.


Eliminate Vacancy Risk

Your home will never sit fully vacant.

We rent individual rooms so if there is turnover, it typically only affects one or two rooms at a time.

Our average occupancy is 95-98%

In busy internship seasons (Jan-Mar, May-Oct), we place tenants far above market rents because they prefer renting individual, furnished rooms.


Dedicated Maintenance & Handyman Team

Our superior support and maintenance team separates us from other property managers who pass on every small issue and cost to you.

Vybe Living has an in-house maintenance team at your service for no additional cost to you (yes, it’s true!).

Our team is able to handle 99% of all maintenance issues; saving you time and money.


Final Touches Included

Our housemates love the convenience that comes with living in a Vybe Living home. We fully stock and furnish your home’s common spaces, set up WI-FI, digital locks and make other minor upgrades to ensure happy tenants.


So Relax & Let Us Do The Heavy Lifiting!

We know you’re not just a landlord and you have limited time to handle tenant issues. Let us take care of that for you.

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So How Does It Work?

  • Day 1

    Get a free rental estimate and setup a time to speak with us. We’ll get to know you, your goals and provide an estimated timeline to onboard and rent your property.

    Most homes are listed within 3-4 weeks, 50% occupied by week 8, and 100% occupied by week 12.

  • Day 3

    If you like what you see, we’ll send you an agreement that covers what we’ll do for you and the terms of our work together.

  • Day 4-14

    it’s time to get to work! We create professional marketing materials for you home including website pages, 3D virtual tours, HD professional photos, detailed floor plans with measurements and custom ad copy!

    We will list your home on our website and typical listing sites like Zumper and Zillow. But we don’t stop there!

    We have a proprietary advertising process and will post your openings in our network of 1,000+ Facebook and Craigslist accounts for maximum exposure.

    Let our marketing machine go to work! We average over 300 inquiries for each vacant room.

  • Day 14+

    We screen all tenants thoroughly.

    No one moves in without a background and document check as well as a personal interview.

    The rigorous screening process ensures compatibility with our values and other housemates to assure a harmonious living environment.

    Our tenants are typically master’s degrees students or young professionals between the ages of 25-35.

Let Us Transform Your Home

into a warm, welcoming space, filled with happy tenants.


Before and After with Vybe Living. This can be your home!

We stand out because of what we do.

Ultimately, our unique approach will allow you to remain in control of your rental income.

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    We are 70+ buildings and growing!

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    We've placed over1000 members in our homes across San Francisco.

Hear from our Landlord Partners & Tenants

Bill S.
SF Landlord Broker

“Vybe causes us less headache managing 40 units than a typical property manager with 4 units.

That’s a 90% decrease in issues, allowing us to focus on more important things and increase our bottom line.”

Jonathan K.

“The Team Members at Vybe Living are exceptionally caring, compassionate, and willing to go the extra mile to make home feel as welcoming, warm, safe, and friendly as a home should be.

I will genuinely miss the awesome people who helped me get through what has been a surreal and challenging period of our history.

I cannot thank Vybe enough!”

Meet Our Team

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    Director of Marketing

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    Director of Sales

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    Director of Operations

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